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Wrist Ganglion Cyst

Wrist Ganglion Cyst is a degenerative cyst of either a joint capsule or a tendon sheath.

They are very common at the wrist, especially at the scapholunate joint.

The etiology of ganglion cysts is largely unknown.

Athletes may relate the onset to an incident involving forced wrist flexion or extension.

Ganglion cysts may be asymptomatic or can cause pain and limit activity.

Subcapsular ganglia can be a source of dorsal wrist pain, particularly in young female gymnasts.


Cysts can put pressure on surrounding structures, such as branches of the posterior interosseous nerve and the radial sensory nerve. Most are firm, non-compressible, and immobile as a result of the firm origin off of the dorsal capsule.



Often asymptomatic, larger ganglions may be treated by aspiration and corticosteroid injection.

However, recurrence is very common—the only definitive treatment is complete surgical excision.