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Shilpa Shettys Yoga Video Collection

This page features collection of the videos of Shilpa Shettys Yoga. Very few Bollywood celebs like to embrace Yoga as an integral part of their workouts plan. Shilpa Shetty is one of them who devoted 2 days out of 5 for Yoga practices. The credit of Shilpa Shetty’s stunning body and gorgeous look is also went to yoga that helps to tone her figure and flawless skin.

Yoga for increasing the immunity level of body - Learning About yoga - Shilpa Yoga

Yoga is the only exercise where muscle toning and stretching is done simultaneously. It does not only help in keeping your body supple but also helps in increasing the immunity level of your body. The supple flow of your body complimented with muscle enhancement is found in a workout called Yoga. Yoga is a unique way of soothing yourself and taking yourself on an unexpected journey of meeting your inner conscious. In this fast moving phase of life everyone needs a getaway and Yoga can add as a sweetener to your life of tranquility and peace. Be Healthy & Live WIth Peace!! 

Yoga for cure spondylitis - Bharamamudra Neck - Shilpa Yoga

Brahma is a Hindu God . Mudra means ' symbol'. In this practise, you turn the face in different directions which resembles like the face of Brahma. This practise improves the blood circulation throat, face and brain.

Yoga for cure constipation - Yoga mudra - Shilpa yoga

In The Base Position On Your Stomach Slide Your Hands Under Your Thighs Palms Up. Inhale Slowly And Then Raise The Right Leg Off The Floor As High As Possible. Try And Keep The Leg Straight Without Bending The Knee Or Transferring Weight Onto The Other Leg Or By Lifting The Pelvic Region Off The Ground. Hold The Posture For As Long As You Can Hold The Inhaled Breath And Then Slowly Return The Leg To The Floor While Exhaling. Ardh Shalabhasana Helps In Developing The Quadriceps And Adds Tone To The Abdominal Muscles. It Stimulates The Stomach The Lower Back And The Intestines- Helping Strengthen The Bladder And Stretching The Spine.Remove Your Hands From Under Your Thighs And Place The Arms Alongside Your Body. Turn Your Head To The Side And Rest