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Jersey finger

Jersey finger refers to the avulsion of the flexor digitorum profundus tendon at its attachment to the distal phalanx results in an inability to actively flex the tip of the finger.

As the name suggests, it is usually caused when a player tries to grab the jersey of an opponent and the finger is forcibly extended.

• The ring finger is most often involved.

• When examining for this injury, the PIP joint should be fixed in extension and the patient asked to actively flex the DIP joint.

Jersey finger
Jersey finger

Three types of injury have been described by Leddy and Packer,based on the following factors:

(1) the presence or absence of a bony fragment radiographically;

(2) the level to which the tendon retracted; and

(3) the status of the blood supply of the avulsed tendon.

The tendon can avulse with or without a bony fragment.

Diagnosis is made by X-rays.

Treatment is by early surgical intervention to reattach the avulsed fragment followed by a period of immobilization in a splint.

Surgical repair is best carried out within a week of the injury.