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The FABER (fexion, abduction,external rotation) test or Patrick's test is a screening test or hip, lumbar, or sacroiliac joint dysfunction, or an iliopsoas spasm

If this position recreates groin pain, then iliopsoas and/or intra-articular hip pathology may be present.

Posterior hip joint pain in this position may indicate a ligamentum teres injury and/or posterior hip impingement.

The patient lies supine, and the examiner places the patient’s test leg so that the foot of the test leg is on top of the knee of the opposite leg.

The examiner then slowly lowers the knee of the test leg toward the examining table.

A positive test is indicated by the test leg’s knee remaining above the opposite straight leg.

A negative test is indicated by the test leg’s knee falling to the table or at least being parallel with the opposite leg.

The test is also referred to as Jansen’s test.