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Causes of Back Pain

The reasons are many but can be broadly classified into :

  • Traumatic
  • Non traumatic

Traumatic back pain is due to sudden injury / trauma and requires immediate medical attention, generally this kind of pain subsides as the body heals (but sometimes may leave its marks which then becomes chronic pain)


Non traumatic causes of back pain are many difficult to summarize as they vary so much from individual to individual and time to time for same individual. However most common predisposing factors are:


  • Poor posture
  • Social class, occupation, and employment status
  • Increasing age up to 55 years (degenerative)
  • Obesity
  • Dimensions of spinal canal
  • Smoking
  • Substance abuse history
  • Hard physical labor


The most common predisposing factor for back pain is incorrect posture. And it's quite  amazing that researchers haven't been able to develop any medicine for it and seems that they are unlikely to do so in near future also, it can only be managed with exercises and self-awareness. A separate section has been created for better understanding of posture and posture correction exercises.



Predictors of chronicity and disability include:


  • Radicular leg pain ( The pain which moves from spine to legs)
  • Poor self-rated health status
  • Reduced elasticity/flexibility of the back
  • Poor coping strategies
  • High levels of distress, depression, and somatization
  • Lower activity level
  • Anxiety