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This page features the best biceps stretch videos collection that improves flexibility of biceps brachii muscle.

How to Stretch Your Biceps

The first step to stretching your biceps out is to obviously straighten the elbow. With the main role of the bicep to flex the elbow, you will want to get that straight to put the biceps on stretch. Next, this muscle functions to supinate the forearm. You can actually see this yourself by simply twisting your forearm over and back and watch the biceps flex and relax.
To stretch the biceps, you’ll want to pronate or turn your forearm down towards the ground with the elbow extended or straightened. Next, you will want to put your arm back behind your body. This part is the one that often goes overlooked. The biceps, because of the attachment of the long head in the shoulder, will flex the arm forward and lift the shoulder. Therefore in order to fully stretch out the biceps you need to be sure that you extend the arm.
From here, you can intensify the stretch on your biceps by actively contracting the triceps. Via the principle of reciprocal inhibition, you can neurologically turn off the muscle by contracting the muscle on the opposite side of the joint. In this case, that is the triceps. This activation of the triceps will allow the biceps to be more relaxed and therefore more susceptible to the stretch you are trying to place upon them.
Finally, with a slight lean away and to the side of the arm that you are stretching, you can put one last additional bit of tension on the muscle. This acts by spreading the distance between the attachment of the biceps in the glenoid from the position of the bicipital groove on the upper arm. This small but important tweak on the movement further intensifies the stretch that you’ll feel on your biceps as you do this.
As always, you’ll want to hold this stretch for about 45-60 seconds to get the benefits of it. With this being a passive stretch, it is best to perform them at night before going to bed. That said, since your arms will tend to get tight from being posturally shortened throughout the day, you can do this at regular intervals to help loosen them up.

The Best Bicep Stretch

The reason you want to do a bicep stretch is the muscle contracts hard while you are working out. So you want to make sure to stretch to prevent injury and also increase recovery. The way to do this is to place your thumb next to your other fingers and you're going to find a surface to which you can stretch with. You're going to place your hands just right there at about a 45 degree angle. As you slowly turn your body away from the arm, you're going to feel that stretch right there in your bicep. You're going to hold this stretch for about 20 to 30 seconds. It feels great and then you're going to switch and do the other arm.

How to Stretch Biceps Brachii, Triceps Brachii & Brachialis : Working Out

Stretching the biceps brachii, triceps brachii and brachialis is something you can do through the careful use of the right exercises. Find out how to stretch the biceps brachii, the triceps brachii and brachialis with help from a longtime and passionate personal trainer in this free video clip.